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About Us

As part of our ongoing commitment to help more people car share, Somerset County Council has teamed up with Liftshare, the UK's largest implementer of car-sharing systems, to set up

As well as helping you find potential car share matches, this website aims to promote all forms of transport and is about maximising our travel options whilst reducing the number of cars on our roads, cutting pollution, saving money and protecting our environment.

So if you travel in and around Somerset and are looking for a lift, offering a lift or both you've  come to the right place. It only takes a few minutes to join Car Share Somerset and its absolutely FREE! So don't delay....sign-up today!

Happy travelling!

Somerset County Council and Liftshare guarantee that no personal information used in this process will be passed on to a third party. If you have any further questions regarding the scheme then please visit our FAQ sections or contact lift share directly through